BOSAI NEWS | Beware of heavy snow in Tokyo 2023-02

There may be a heavy snow disaster in Tokyo today. Please pay attention to the news.     (

Nakamura’s advices is as follow,

1.Safety precautions: Please be advised to stay indoors and avoid traveling unless it is necessary. If you need to go out, please be advised to wear warm clothing and proper footwear for snowy conditions.

2.Public transportation: Please be advised to check the latest updates on train and bus schedules, as heavy snowfall can disrupt transportation services.

3.Power outages: Just in case of power outages,  please be advised to be prepared with backup plans, such as having warm clothing, food, and water available.

4.Health concerns: Please be advised  to take care of their health, especially if you are prone to cold-related illnesses. Please be advised to stay warm, hydrated, and well-fed.

5.Emergency services: Please be advised to know that emergency services, such as hospitals and fire departments, are available in case of an emergency. Please be advised to keep emergency numbers handy, such as the local police and ambulance service.

Please be informed about the situation, and to follow the instructions of local authorities.

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